Crewcifix' NieA_7 Tv Review

Rated: 7

Like I've been saying earlier, the central theme of NieA under Seven is very much original. And I'd give props for that. It's only with the humor aspect that I got a problem with but overall, it was entertaining. And oh, a little warning on several boring lapses as well as the filler scenes which can be annoying at times. But overall, it does give an insight of passiveness as well as a certain,typical boring day. It can crack you up but what's impressive about it is that it still, and very much <i>does</i>, stick with its "realistic" approach to the whole series. The minute details in the art were a very impressive move and also depict a certain aspect of preserving reality in a canvass. The animation used is truly remarkable and a work of art which actually adds up to its central theme.

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